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Everything Is Happening in the Immensity of the Non-Happening

“You caught the clue. Everyone should get this clue — as a result of this morning’s guidance also. Watch what happens once you have come to that place of clear experiential understanding and recognition. We become the perfect reflection of who we truly are to each other.”

This week’s Satsang is searing in its clarity. Moojibaba moves us through the practical, the subtle, and the seemingly problematic. Biographical stories, pragmatic examples, and testimonials underpin Moojibaba’s pointings and foster an immediate depth of understanding.

3 June 2019
Monte Sahaja, Portugal

Music before Satsang: “Mere Gurudev” by Krishna Das, performed by Martin Rixen

The original recording of “Mere Gurudev” is available on Krishna Das’ album ‘Door of Faith’
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