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Go Back the Way You Came — Contemplate the Sense ‘I Am’

SATSANG OF THE WEEK - 24 November 2019

Moojibaba gives a potent and distilled guidance into the recognition of the pure sense ‘I Am.’

“Remain conscious just of the sense ‘I Am,’ without connecting to anything else. This itself will be a marvellous exercise for you. Then I would like to ask you after, ‘What did you find?’

The more you are stabilising in this ‘I Am,’ you will see the wealth of this. You will feel the health of this. You will see the unending-ness of this. You will feel the joy and the love of this. You will feel the compassion and the wisdom of this. This you must find.”

Excerpt from the Satsang, 'I Am' — Is It An Incomplete Statement or the Most Complete?
6 October 2019 | Morning Satsang
‘First’ Zmar Silent Retreat



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